Upholstery Deep Cleaning (Vacuum, Shampoo, and Steam Disinfection) in Makati: Revitalize Your Space

December 9, 2023

Click N' Clean

Upholstery Deep Cleaning (Vacuum, Shampoo, and Steam Disinfection) in Makati: Revitalize Your Space

Upholstery, an integral part of our homes and workplaces, not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also plays a crucial role in our comfort. However, with daily use, upholstery accumulates dust, allergens, and bacteria, impacting both hygiene and health. In Makati, Click N’ Clean offers professional upholstery deep cleaning services to ensure a clean and healthy environment for residents and businesses alike.

The Need for Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery serves as a breeding ground for dust mites, allergens, and bacteria, posing potential health risks. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy living or working space. In Makati, where pollution levels can be high, professional upholstery cleaning becomes even more crucial.

Our Cleaning Services in Makati

Click N’ Clean stands out as a reliable and affordable cleaning service provider in Makati and throughout Metro Manila. Our team of trained professionals caters to both residential condominiums and commercial spaces. Whether it’s a basic cleaning or a deep cleaning service, Click N’ Clean has the expertise to handle it all.

Specialized Equipment – The Hyla EST Defender Room and Air Cleaning System

At the heart of our cleaning services is the Hyla EST Defender, a premium vacuum cleaner with water-based filtration technology. This advanced system not only removes fine dust, allergens, and gases during vacuuming but also refreshes the air in the room. This ensures a thorough and effective cleaning process, setting Click N’ Clean apart in the industry.

Upholstery Deep Cleaning Process

A. Vacuuming – Importance and Procedure

Our process begins with powerful vacuuming to eliminate surface dust and debris, creating a clean canvas for the deeper cleaning steps.

B. Shampooing – Effective Cleaning for Different Materials

Different upholstery materials require specialized care. Click N’ Clean employs effective shampooing techniques to address the unique cleaning needs of various materials, leaving your upholstery revitalized.

C. Steam Disinfection – 170 Degrees Steam and Antibacterial Misting

To guarantee a sanitized space, Click N’ Clean utilizes 170 degrees steam disinfection and antibacterial misting. This step ensures the elimination of harmful viruses and bacteria, providing a clean and safe environment for our clients.

Why Choose Click N’ Clean

Click N’ Clean’s commitment to reliability, affordability, and professionalism has garnered the trust of hundreds of satisfied clients. Our experienced and professionally-trained cleaners are dedicated to delivering cleaning services that exceed expectations.

Importance of Clean and Healthy Spaces

Maintaining clean upholstery is not just about aesthetics; it directly impacts the overall well-being of individuals. A clean and healthy environment promotes comfort, productivity, and peace of mind, making it an investment in your overall quality of life.


In Makati, where the demand for cleanliness is high, Click N’ Clean emerges as the go-to choice for upholstery deep cleaning. Revitalize your space with our comprehensive cleaning services, and experience the Click N’ Clean difference. Schedule your cleaning service today and transform your living or working space into a clean and healthy haven.